Thank you for your interest in the research at the OMI. We do hope that the information below answers some of your questions, offers research orientation and provides some practical information regarding people, applications and courses.

Some important notes to begin with:

Research Topics

Information about the people who make up the OMI, the Machine Learning Research Group, which is very closely integrated with the OMI, and the Mathematical and Computational Finance Group at the Mathematical Institute can be found in the links below:


Current research interests in the OMI is detailed in the links below: themes/


If you are interested in working with us, please make it clear how your interests match research projects and interests of the OMI members.


Application pathways


DPhil (PhD) in Information Engineering


Centre for Doctoral Training in Autonomous Intelligent Machines and Systems (AIMS)


StatML Centre for Doctoral Training (CDT)


The Grand Union: Excellence and Innovation in Social Science Research Training


Also please check the webpages of the many excellent colleagues who are OMI Associates and courses in other departments, especially Computer Science, Mathematics and Statistics.




Most faculty have a very limited budget for postgraduate student funding, but some departmental and university funding is available. The OMI itself also offers a small number of funded studentships each year (typically two). Please note that the award of any funding is not decided by individual faculty. Please also note that even if you have your own funding the procedure for application is the same. Acceptance and funding are separated and funding alone will not guarantee acceptance.


Numbers of applications & chance of acceptance


This is (as expected) difficult to measure, though each year the number of excellent applicants far outnumbers the available places. Unfortunately, this means that we inevitably have to turn down the chance to work with very good students. However, as the application process is dealt with centrally in any department you apply to, this also means that applications are also assessed by colleagues working in similar fields, so providing more opportunity for places. Please, therefore, make sure you apply to a wide set of opportunities.