Fernando Merino-Pino, PhD student, University Carlos III, Madrid

OMI visitor May 2022 – October 2022 – publication

​​”Being a visiting researcher at the OMI has been a fantastic opportunity to collaborate with some of the best researchers in the world in a genuinely supportive environment. I had the chance to meet engaged and enthusiastic students and professors who helped me develop my research at the intersection of machine learning and quantitative finance. More importantly, they are tons of fun so you will surely have a great time! I am thankful to Stefan Zohren, Álvaro Cartea, and Jen Desmond for offering me the opportunity to conduct my research at such an incredible place, and to all students for their daily support.”


Harrison Waldron, PhD student, University of Texas at Austin

OMI visitor April 2022 – July 2022 – publication


Anthony Coache, PhD student, University of Toronto

OMI visitor Jan 2022 – June 2022 – publication

“I loved my visit and had a wonderful experience collaborating with hard-working and motivated researchers on problems at the intersection of quantitative finance and machine learning. You can always have a chat with other students to share ideas, which makes the OMI a great environment for producing high-quality research work. I am very thankful to Alvaro Cartea, the OMI students, the other visiting students, and Jen Desmond for their support throughout my stay and the great Victoria seminars!”