OMI members have had continued to have significant outreach. We continue to deliver keynote presentations at finance conferences; our members have delivered prestigious lectures and have enjoyed an equal number of representations on panels at high-impact events. OMI members were well represented at the AI & Data Science in Trading conference which took place in London in September this year. The OMI also had strong coverage at the AI@Oxford event (held in mid-September 2019). Members are lined up to deliver invited talks at a number of other conferences over the coming months. We are delighted, as ever, to see so much of our research showcased.


Dr Stefan Zohren and Dr Zihao Zhang – Accelerating Predictive Finance Modelling on IPUs webinar


Dr Stefan Zohren talks to Bloomberg Quicktake about his and Dr Zihao Zhang’s combined research on  multi-horizon forecasting for LOBs  utililizing novel hardware, called IPUs processors, produced by Graphcore.


The Alan Turing Institute – AI in finance Presenting as part of the Turing National AI event (March 2021), highlighting the challenges and opportunities of AI and ML for Finance.


Futuremakers Podcast: Is the banking sector about to change for ever? AI is already playing a role in the finance sector, from fraud detection, to algorithmic trading, to customer service, and many within the industry believe this role will develop rapidly within the next few years. So what does this mean for both the people that work in this sector, and for the role banking and finance plays in society? Join our host, philosopher Peter Millican, as he explores this topic with Professor Stephen Roberts, Royal Academy of Engineering and Man Group Professor of Machine Learning, Professor Nir Vulkan, a leading authority on e-commerce and market design, and on applied research and teaching on hedge funds, and Jannes Klaas, author of ‘Machine Learning for Finance: Data algorithms for the markets and deep learning from the ground up for financial experts and economics’.

Oxford Sparks Podcast – using AI to spot patterns


Alan Turing Institute Talk – The Wisdom of Crowds


King’s College London’s Faculty of Natural & Mathematical Sciences’ annual Higgs Lecture 2018 was delivered on 12 November 2018 by Professor Stephen Roberts from the University of Oxford, who spoke about ‘The age of intelligent algorithms: 21st century industry, commerce and science’. We live in an era dominated by data and algorithms. The rapid rise of artificial intelligence is as impressive as it is frightening. From playing games against us to making decisions about us and displacing us in the job market, we cannot escape the impact AI is having on our everyday lives. As well as the social impact of algorithms, AI is leading a quiet revolution in science and industry, helping make commercial processes more efficient and enable us to learn more about the world around us. This talk looks at some of the good and the bad of this revolution, with a focus on the practical transformations intelligent algorithms are having in science and industry.


Oxford University’s Professor Steve Roberts explaining the inner mechanisms of machine learning and AI, at the STEER education conference ‘Educating the Human Mind in a Robotic Age’, part of the 2019 FT Weekend Oxford Literary Festival.


Termly OMI Machine Learning Workshops

Our termly OMI machine learning workshops have proved very popular across the University, attracting between 60 and 100 participants. We have so far had nine such events, each one with three talks from across the university. Our speakers have included not only OMI members, but have been intentionally broad, including engineers, computer scientists, economists and philosophers. Talk topics have ranged from financial engineering to robotics, from large scale optimization theory to quantum computing. The structure of our events is deliberately relaxed, with plenty of time for discussion, networking and collaboration building. The 10th such event took place in October 2019. See our Events page for more details.