At the Oxford-Man Institute of Quantitative Finance (OMI) we aim to do academically outstanding research that addresses the key problems facing the financial industry. We create new tools and methods that can give deeper insight into financial markets – how they behave, how they become stable or unstable and how to extract value from diverse data at scales beyond human. Our emphasis on data-driven methods focuses on the most relevant and exciting challenges in analytics, machine learning and AI and allows our researchers to make breakthroughs that will have a profound impact on how finance works over the coming decades.

We achieve this through a unique combination of academic innovation and external engagement. We attract distinguished experts and brilliant young researchers to an environment that stimulates collaboration and communication. The result is trailblazing research that contributes directly to the financial economy in the 21st century.

The OMI is a research institute within Information Engineering. We are one of the core groups that make up the wider community of Oxford Machine Learning and are particularly well integrated with the Machine Learning Research Group, being co-located in the same building.


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