Siddartha Ghoshal

Sid Ghoshal was a DPhil (PhD) student in Oxford’s Machine Learning Research Group under the supervision of Prof. Stephen Roberts. Prior to joining the Oxford-Man Institute, he worked in industry as a Debt Capital Markets analyst for Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein, and subsequently as a commodity derivatives trader running the hybrid exotics book of Deutsche Bank’s Complex Risk Group. He holds an undergraduate degree in Mathematics from Imperial College, a Masters in Finance and Economics from the LSE and a Masters in Computer Science from Oxford. His current research applies Bayesian statistics and deep learning to the problems of time series forecasting, liquidity provision and financial regulation.

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Working Paper

Bengtzen, M., Ghoshal, S. and Roberts, S (2016). Pre-earnings announcement drift: Inferring informed trading from the tape.

Published Research

Ghoshal, S. and Roberts, S. (2016). Extracting predictive information from heterogeneous data streams using Gaussian processes. Algorithmic Finance. 5(1-2). 21-30.
Ghoshal, S and Roberts, S (2017). Reading the Tea Leaves: A Neural Network Perspective on Technical Trading. Proceedings of KDD. 2017. ..