Piotr Fryzlewicz

Professor of Statistics, LSE

I am a Professor of Statistics in the Department of Statistics at the London School of Economics.

I currently hold an EPSRC Fellowship on the topic of New challenges in time series analysis.

I also currently serve as Joint Editor of the Journal of the Royal Statistical Society Series B

My research interests: multiscale modelling and estimation, time series (especially nonstationary time series), change-point detection, high-dimensional statistical inference and dimension reduction, randomised algorithms, statistical learning, data visualisation, statistics in finance, statistics in the social sciences, statistics in neuroscience

Published Research

Hamilton, J., Nunes, M., Knight, M. and Fryzlewicz, P. (2017). Complex-valued wavelet lifting and applications. Technometrics. forthcoming. tba.
Korkas, K. and Fryzlewicz, P. (2017). Multiple change-point detection for non-stationary time series using wild binary segmentation. Statistica Sinica. 27(1). 287-311.
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Fryzlewicz, P. (2014). Wild binary segmentation for multiple change-point detection. Annals of Statistics. 42(6). 2243-2281.
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