Jan Obłój

Professor of Mathematics at the Mathematical Institute & Tutorial Fellow at St John's College

Jan Obłój is a Professor of Mathematics at the Mathematical Institute where he is a member of the Mathematical and Computational Finance Group. Before coming to Oxford he was a Marie Curie Postdoctoral Fellow at Imperial College London.

He holds a PhD in Mathematics from the University Paris IV and Warsaw University. His broad interest is in financial mathematics and has worked on a wide range of topics, from foundational issues, such as robust fundamental theorem of asset pricing, through aspects of option pricing and portfolio optimisation, to questions of practical performance of trading strategies. His work is motivated by, and contributes to, a wide range of problems in quantitative finance, such as pricing and hedging of derivatives, optimal investment or risk measurement. It aims to addresses questions of prime practical importance, especially in the wake of financial crisis. 

His main focus is on robust approach to quantitative finance.  He studies how model outputs, such as prices or investment strategies, depend on basic assumptions. This provides tools for designing robust actions and quantifying the model risk. Over the last decade, he has remained at the forefront of the field, contributing to its growth and increased momentum. 



Working Paper

Henry-Labordère, P., Obloj, J., Spoida, P. and Touzi, N. (2013). Maximum maximum of Martingales given marginals.
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Cherny, V. and Obloj, J. (2015). Optimal portfolios of a long-term investor with floor or drawdown constraints.

Published Research

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