Frederic Schweikhard

Senior Research Fellow

Frederic Schweikhard is a Senior Research Fellow at the Oxford-Man Institute of Quantitative Finance in the area of financial economics and affiliated with the Saїd Business School.

Before joining the University of Oxford, he carried out his doctoral studies at Goethe University Frankfurt focusing on the impact of implicit government guarantees on the pricing of debt and the effectiveness of taxation schemes in containing negative externalities due to systemic risk.

In 2011, Frederic visited the Finance Group of MIT Sloan School of Management upon the invitation of Nobel Laureate Robert C. Merton.

He presented his results at major conferences in his field, e.g. organised by the American Finance Association and the European Finance Association. He has been awarded several prizes and grants and seen his work featured in the press, notably in Businessweek.

Frederic’s research interests lie at the intersection of asset pricing, credit markets, banking, and financial regulation.

Working Paper

Schweikhard, F. and Tsesmelidakis, Z. (2012). The impact of government interventions on CDS and equity markets.
Schweikhard, F. (2013). The impact of mergers on credit spreads.