Research article published in top journal

James Wolter has recently had one of his latest research articles published in Journal of Econometrics, one of the top journals in his research field.

Wolter, J. (2016) Kernel estimation of hazard functions when observations have dependent and common covariates. Journal of Econometrics, 193, 1-16

Abstract: We propose a hazard model where dependence between events is achieved by assuming dependence between covariates. This model allows for correlated variables specific to observations as well as macro variables which all observations share. This setup better fits many economic and financial applications where events are not independent. Nonparametric estimation of the hazard function is then studied. Kernel estimators proposed in Nielsen and Linton (1995) and Linton et al. (2003) are shown to have similar asymptotic properties compared with the i.i.d. case. Mixing conditions ensure the asymptotic results follow. These results depend on adjustments to bandwidth conditions. Simulations are conducted which verify the impact of dependence on estimators. Bandwidth selection accounting for dependence is shown to improve performance. In an empirical application, trade intensity in high-frequency financial data is estimated.