Small-time asymptotics and adaptive simulation schemes for stopped Lévy processes

Stochastic Analysis Seminar Series

Jump processes, and Lévy processes in particular, are notoriously difficult to simulate. The task becomes even harder if the process is stopped when it crosses a certain boundary, which happens in applications to barrier option pricing or structural credit risk models. In this talk, I will present novel adaptive discretization schemes for the simulation of stopped Lévy processes, which are several orders of magnitude faster than the traditional approaches based on uniform discretization, and provide an explicit control of the bias. The schemes are based on sharp asymptotic estimates for the exit probability and work by recursively adding discretization dates in the parts of the trajectory which are close to the boundary, until a specified error tolerance is met. 

This is a joint work with Jose Figueroa-Lopez (Purdue). 


Peter Tankov (Denis Diderot University, Paris)

Monday, June 3, 2013 - 14:15
to 15:15