Spring 2013 conference on Currency Trading and Risk Premia

The OMI hosted a well attended one day conference: Spring 2013 conference on Currency Trading and Risk Premia on Thursday 21st March 2013.

This conference explored the themes of currency trading and currency risk premia, currently very active areas of investigation in both the academic and practitioner spaces.  The presented papers explored various aspects of the broad theme of the conference, and the presenters, discussants, and invited keynote speakers provided important insights into this rapidly advancing field.


Speakers and discussants included: Craig Burnside (Duke University), Pedro Santa-Clara (Nova School of Business and Economics), Robert Whitelaw (Stern School of Business, NYU), Pasquale Della Corte (Imperial), Andrea Vedolin (LSE), Adrien Verdelhan (Sloan School of Business, MIT), Federico Gavazzoni (INSEAD), Robert Ready (Simon School of Business, University of Rochester), Rui Albuque (Berlin), Fousseni Chabi-Yo (Fisher College of Business, Ohio State University), Maik Schmeling (University of Hanover)

Thursday, March 21, 2013 - 10:00
to 18:00