Likelihood construction for discretely observed RDEs

Stochastic Analysis Seminar Series

Abstract: The main goal of the talk is to set up a framework for constructing the likelihood for discretely observed RDEs. The main idea is to contract a function mapping the discretely observed data to the corresponding increments of the driving noise. Once this is known, the likelihood of the observations can be written as the likelihood of the increments of the corresponding noise times the Jacobian correction. Constructing a function mapping data to noise is equivalent to solving the inverse problem of looking for the input given the output of the Ito map corresponding to the RDE. First, I simplify the problem by assuming that the driving noise is linear between observations. Then, I will introduce an iterative process and show that it converges in p-variation to the piecewise linear path X corresponding to the observations. Finally, I will show that the total error in the likelihood construction is bounded in p-variation.





Anastasia Papavasiliou (University of Warwick)


Monday, May 11, 2015 - 14:15
to 15:15