Digging up the Dirt on Raw Materials

Sandwich Seminar

In years to come, major national economies may succeed or fail depending on their access to the critical raw materials that are needed by their industries.  The battle for control of the world’s limited resources is being hard fought, although in many cases the key strategic moves are largely invisible to the general public, and obscure even to those experienced in the area. In this talk, I shall outline a number of studies in which I have been involved, exploring the strategies of bluff, double bluff and disinformation used by the leading players.  I will discuss the drivers which lead to the formation of the trading prices of key raw materials.  I will also explain why, in the past, some of the world’s leading economists got their predictions hopelessly wrong, and suggest how mathematical approaches might help to shed new light on what is happening in this highly complex field.


George Smith FRS (Emeritus Professor of Materials, Oxford)

Monday, March 11, 2013 - 12:30
to 13:30