Doctoral Training Centre

OMI hosts a pathway in the Social Sciences Division Grand Union Doctoral Training Centre (Grand Union DTP) in Quantitative Finance.

This training pathway brings together students registered in a range of departments across the social, mathematical and physical sciences, and provides them with the additional and specialist skills and research environment to carry out research on the societal dimensions of financial markets and their regulation.

The Quantitative Finance pathway aims to 1) build the capability for research in quantitative finance that is at the forefront of academic thinking and which leads to significant changes in the understanding of markets 2) bring together and develop the next generation of doctoral students to contribute to the understanding of quantitative finance and alternative investments and 3) promote and encourage independent doctoral research in relevant methods and techniques associated with quantitative finance.

Through its published and working papers, conference and seminar programme and knowledge exchange activities, OMI communicates its research to practitioners and academics around the world. Students on this pathway participate in these projects and activities.

OMI Research Environment

The vibrancy of the OMI research environment for a doctoral researcher comes from its industrial engagement and interdisciplinary diversity. This combination of commercial and public policy interests allows the communication, calibration and validation of research ideas into wider contexts.

The academic focus of OMI is on developing and deploying quantitative tools to address financial issues. Bringing together a world-leading pool of multidisciplinary academic resource, the Institute contributes significantly to research capacity whilst addressing questions of relevance to society.

For further information please go to: Grand Union DTP