Director's Vision

At the Oxford-Man Institute (OMI) we aim to do academically outstanding research that addresses the key problems facing the financial industry. We create new tools and methods that can give deeper insight into financial markets – how they behave, how they become stable or unstable, how to extract value from data at scales beyond human and how they could be made to work better.

We achieve this through a unique combination of academic innovation and external engagement. We attract distinguished experts and brilliant young researchers to an environment that stimulates collaboration and communication. We give them the freedom to do genuinely innovative work.

We are in the midst of an information revolution, where advances in science and technology, as well as the day-to-day operation of successful organisations and businesses, are increasingly reliant on the analyses of data. Driving these advances is a deluge of data, which is outstripping the increase in computational power available to process it. Research in data science is already transforming our ability to work with large amounts of complex financial information. Over the next few years these trends will revolutionise how we think about data, how we process and visualise it, and how we put it to use. The OMI aims to be at the crest of this wave, pushing back the boundaries of what can be achieved with financial data.

Doing this means both building our expertise in cutting-edge data science and ensuring we can access the data itself. OMI researchers already have access to a rich financial data library and web systems designed to help them use it effectively. But we need to do more, and we are working hard to create and sustain partnerships with potential data providers. Our emphasis on data focuses on the most relevant and exciting challenges and allows our researchers to make breakthroughs that have a profound impact on how finance works over the coming decades.

Professor Stephen Roberts