Forthcoming paper in Algorithmic Finance

Sid Ghoshal and Steve Roberts have recently had the following research paper accepted for publication in the journal Algorithmic Finance

Ghoshal, S. & Roberts, S. (2016) Extracting predictive information from heterogeneous data streams using Gaussian processes. Algorithmic Finance (in press).

Abstract: Financial markets are notoriously complex environments, presenting vast amounts of noisy,yet potentially informative data. We consider the problem of forecasting financial time series from a wide range of information sources using online Gaussian Processes with Automatic Relevance Determination (ARD) kernels. We measure the performance gain, quantified in terms of Normalised Root Mean Square Error (NRMSE), Median Absolute Deviation (MAD) and Pearson correlation, from fusing each of four separate data domains: time series technicals, sentiment analysis, options market data and broker recommendations. We show evidence that ARD kernels produce meaningful feature rankings that help retain salient inputs and reduce input dimensionality, providing a framework for sifting through financial complexity. We measure the performance gain from fusing each domain’s heterogeneous data streams into a single probabilistic model. In particular our findings highlight the critical value of options data in mapping out the curvature of price space and inspire an intuitive, novel direction for research in financial prediction.